Employee Registration App


In this project, I used J2EE (Jave EE) servlet to create a web app that allows new user registration via a web form, saves the data into MySQL database, and displays the records on a web page.

Functionalities include:

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Project Walk-Through

MySQL Database

I created a table named emp and will interact with this table with Java Servlet.


ShowRecords.java displays all records from emp table in proper format on the browser page.


In this HTML, a web form was created to let users register new employee details.

The form will call the InsertFormRecords.java servlet and execute the code inside the doGet method.


The servlet doGet method will retrieve the data from the web form and add the data into the emp table in the MySQL database.

GUI Demonstration

To access the registration form, navigate to the "register-form.html" route. This will display a web form where users can enter the necessary information for a new employee. 

Once the user fills in the details, they can click the "Register" button, and the data will be saved to the emp table in the MySQL database.