Customer Management App with GUI


This is a customer management application that uses a binary file for storing customer information and includes data validation and exception handling.

Functionalities include:


Project Walk-Through

GUI Design

We worked as a group, so we did some planning before heading into the code to sort out the logic and the look of the GUI. (GUI and Data Validation)

We then created the GUI code based on the drawing. The code contains ActionListeners which link buttons to the backend code.

The data validation is also performed here.  (Data Read/Write)

This file contains the backend code. The code here writes data to a binary file with the data provided by the user and reads data from the file after transforming the data into a proper format that can be utilized by the frontend code.

This is the main file which creates a JFrame object using the GUI code.

GUI demonstration

The end result of the Customer Management App. The GUI will display hints to user upon button clicked if the input format doesn't align with the requirement (data validation).

The user can search based on Customer ID or display all customer information in a scrollable table.