Staff Database App with GUI


In a group of three, we developed a Java program that enables users to interact with an Oracle database via a graphical user interface (GUI). 

Functionalities include:


Project Walk-Through

We created multiple Panels to form the app GUI in a JFrame object. 

For the output that includes multiple rows of data returned by the database, I combined the features of DefaultTableModel, JTable, and JScrollPane to display the data in an organized, expandable,  and scrollable manner

In this class, the program performs read and write data to an Oracle database. The user credentials are hidden in a different file.

In the code, I also ensure this backend piece returns the correct format of data to the frontend code so that the data can display as expected.

This is the main file which creates a JFrame object using the GUI code.

GUI demonstration

The Java GUI allows users to view, insert, and update staff information stored in an Oracle database. The Clear button will clear out the text fields.

The view button displays a record with a specified ID or views all staff information in a scrollable table.