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Cloud Services

Developing Applications with Google Cloud Foundations 8Q5GGCDXT437.pdf
Introduction to Microsoft Azure Cloud Services VEGTQLTRTJSW.pdf


Python for Everybody Specialization.pdf
Using Python to Interact with the Operating Coursera JVCM7DYFPUBN.pdf
Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python).pdf
Python Functions, Files, and Dictionaries.pdf
Data Collection and Processing with Python.pdf
Python Classes and Inheritance.pdf
Using Databases with Python.pdf
Using Python to Access Web Data.pdf
Python Data Structures.pdf
Python Basics.pdf

Web Development

Web Application Technologies and Django Coursera JT6Z9G62VFX3.pdf


Fundamentals of Visualization with Tableau.pdf
Essential Design Principles for Tableau.pdf
Visual Analytics with Tableau.pdf
Creating Dashboards and Storytelling with Tableau.pdf

Big Data & Data Analytics

Business Metrics for Data-Driven Companies.pdf
The Data Scientist’s Toolbox.pdf
Managing Big Data with MySQL.pdf
PH125.2x-Data Science Visualization.pdf
PH125.3x-Data Science Probability.pdf
PH125.1x-Data Science R Basics.pdf

Developer Tools

Introduction to Git and GitHub Coursera YR8N5LYWP54R.pdf